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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Modern American Right Hates Kids

I'm not sure of any other way to title this latest piece of uber-reactionary clap-trap from Jim "Gateway Pundit" Hoft.

After two years of these radicals in the White House we know one thing for sure…. They have no idea how the private sector operates. Michelle O’s latest scheme is a doozy. She wants businesses to allow employees to mentor children during part of their work week.
After all, they have nothing better to do, right?

Hoft - who is quite often linked at the Fox"News" hate-site Fox"Nation", doesn't bother to fact check sources, and thinks that talking about the US beating Russia to the moon is actually lauding their success - seems to think that giving children responsible role-models and offering help in a variety areas is tantamount to taking a shit on the American Flag.

But, such is the life of someone who is one of the louder voices in the modern American Right.

And Hoft's source, an allegedly "Christian" organization, doesn't seem to think this is a great idea either. After all, ensuring the safety and stability of children is so "anti-Jesus", isn't it.

Naturally, the ultimate mentor for a child is their parents. But considering that not all children are blessed with parents that give time to them, or that some children don't even have parents, are we to believe that Hoft and CNSNews think these children are so below them that they require no attention and caring?

It would appear that that is, in point of fact, precisely the point.

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