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Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Form Of "Truther" Is Born

Just when I thought Jim Hoft couldn't be even more preposterous and mind-numbingly stupid, there's this:

We already knew that with this administration everything is staged…
…But, someone please tell me the Obama regime is not this manipulative:

Barack Obama’s mood hair in pictures.

....Reader Dennis O. noticed that Obama was obviously more youthful looking in his Saturday Weekly Address before the Tucson pep rally.

Surely there’s a reasonable explanation for all of this?… Surely there is.

Not only does Hoft not understand how Closed Captioning works, but he doesn't seem to understand that people look different under varying styles of lighting. But hey, that's surely going to be the excuse given, that the "lighting Czar" is there to make Obama look older or younger based on the situation.

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