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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Question Of Leadership

While conservatives "aren't letting a crisis go to waste" in regards to the socio-political unrest in Egypt, Chris Matthews posed a question to his panel yesterday that many within the modern American Right are calling a disaster for the Obama administration.

While the question is a legitimate one, I hardly see how Matthews asking this is any way detrimental to Obama.

Let's look at the data in reference to Bush's response to Sept. 11th 2001.

Rather than send a sufficient force into Afghanistan to capture/kill Bin Laden, he sent in fewer military than there are police officers in Manhattan. Also, his focus - and ultimately that of the entire Right Wing in this country - was shifted to Iraq where he sent precious lives on a fools errand in some vain attempt to finish the job he thought his father wanted him to complete.

The larger point is this - does the modern American Right think we should invade Egypt now? That does seem to be their answer for everything in the Middle East.

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