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Monday, January 3, 2011

Acceptance of Ignorance

I'm not one given to disagree with Nate Silver or those at Balloon Juice, but this is the primary difference between liberals/progressives and conservatives/libertarians.

( aside: I have discovered that those within the later ideological categories really get their knickers in a twist when they see their team names paired with one another )

My alternative stance with Nate and "Mistermix" has to do with Sarah "Caribou Barbie" Palin and her ultimately predictable run for President in 2012, who she will have as part of her staff, and how she will be looked upon.

Here's Nate:

....I would look toward whom Ms. Palin is hiring as her support staff. A presidential campaign is a huge endeavor, comparable to a medium-sized business. Perhaps, because of her facility in commanding attention, Ms. Palin requires less assistance than a typical candidate might. Perhaps, because she sometimes seems to have an impatience for details and has not run for president before, she requires more. But all presidential candidates need some help: those candidates, like the Republican Fred Thompson, who have become too enamored with the notion of running a “viral”, nontraditional campaign from the confines of their living rooms have usually failed miserably. Is she hiring good pollsters, media strategists, fundraisers, consultants, logisticians, and advertising gurus? If so, she may still be as likely as anyone to prevail from a large, but fairly weak, Republican field. If not, her campaign, if she decides to run one, is liable to be a bust.

And now from Balloon Juice's "Mistermix":

Palin’s fundamental problem is that she’s too proud of her ignorance, and too fractious, to build a competent staff and take their advice. I doubt that this will change....

Palin is going to run. Period. Case closed.

I will stake my seriously limited progressive "street cred" on it.

That being said, Nate and "Mix" are both wrong, as Palin's handlers know that she is ill equipped to make effective support staff hiring decisions on her own. Why do you think she's spoon fed answers from and continually engages in a game of "tee-ball" from everyone at Fox"News" from the morning hours with Carlson, Doocy, and Kilmeade until the prime time metaphorical finger-banging from Sean Hannity.

The woman can't exist as a stand-alone entity - she's had a continual and unflinching talking point support system since she was unable to answer a question my 2nd grade daughter could from Katie Couric.

She's in "the bubble", and won't come out of it so long as Roger Aisles in calling the shots on this one. She's in the employ of Fox"News" and everyone on their payroll is going to have to follow the "prime directive" if they want to keep their jobs from now until after election night November 2012.

Palin is going to have the most tech-savvy, debate schooled, Drudge-hyped staff that Rupert Murdock's money can buy. You can count on it. The only problem that Democrats are going to face is the fact that they are going to have to show - and accurately - that conservatives are likely to swallow this Wasilla flavoured Kool-Aid in one gulp and ask for seconds.

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