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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bring In The Jew Special Effects Team

As if on cue, Palin is allegedly set to make Jerusalem an giant conservative stage prop - all just in time to announce her 2012 presidential bid.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is planning a trip to the Holy Land sometime this spring, New York Post columnist Cindy Adams reports.

Palin’s Jerusalem visit will occur before the April 29 wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, presumably to avoid the international media’s obsession with British royalty, the Page Six gossiper says.

Adams speculates that it may be the first of several international trips for Palin, who was Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential running mate in 2008.

A high-profile visit to Israel could help bolster Palin’s foreign policy credentials in advance of a possible 2012 GOP presidential run. There’s no word yet on Palin’s specific itinerary, or which VIPs she’ll meet there.

It’s not the first time a possible overseas tour by Palin has grabbed headlines. In December, The Daily Beast site reported that an overseas trip was in the works for Palin to visit England and Israel.

And while the timing of the trip is given a healthy does of spin from Rupert Murdoch's tabloid rag The NY Post, I don't doubt that Palin and her handlers wanted all eyes to be on her when and if this goes down.

It does make a great deal of sense, as her Fox"News" employers are certainly ramping up the "Holy War" talking points in relation to the Middle East and a potential escalation of American involvement. Of course, as I've stated before, conservatives and Fox want this to be an American Jihad. What better way to rally the reactionary conservative base than to have Palin "on the ground" and then ask "why didn't Obama go to Jerusalem before then?"

Theatre of the Absurd at it's best.

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