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Friday, January 14, 2011

No, Please, Keep It Up

The modern American Right isn't so much afraid of losing their freedom of speech as they are afraid of admitting the obvious - that there are actually people out there that can, will, and have taken what they have said as gospel and gone on to perpetrate heinous acts of violence.

Whether they are gnashing their teeth over unrealistic fears of a reimplementation of the Fairness Doctrine - something I would think that the modern American Right would welcome, as they are always eager to shout that there is consistent and clear bias against allowing any conservative/libertarian point of view be shown in the media, as it is obviously controlled by evil liberals - or that the FCC will begin shutting down stations that carry Limbaugh, Beck, or Hannity, there hasn't been a hush given to Right Wing rhetoric as it has actually amplified since Tuscon.

And to that, the modern American Right is proving the point of the Left.

Ever since word broke that a Democratic Congresswoman was shot, that a Federally appointed Judge was killed, the modern American Right has been in full damage control mode. From insisting that all violent acts against political figures in America, that all murders in America that even hint at the final solution of an anti-government activist, were carried out by members of the Left to continuing to stoke the fires of "they're coming to get you" by people like Beck, Limbaugh, and Fox"News", the modern American Right can't seem to see the irony in what is transpiring.

They are increasing their anti-government, anti-democratic, pro-uprising language.

Not only that, but we are beginning to see their rising stars begin to diminish. Take a look at modern conservative messiah Chris Christie on Palin and Obama:

In the weeks and months prior to Tuscon, Christie was being heralded as a solid Presidential candidate, and how he's the RINO Messiah?

To all this, I say "keep going" to the modern American Right.

But what are the far reaching implications of all this?

Has Palin increased her chances of getting the nomination from the Republican Party for President?

Are other aspiring Presidential candidates, like Pawlenty and Romney - the later soundly crushing her in early polling - going to use this against her?

Is the modern American Right going to split in two by using what happened in Tuscon between now and election day 2012.

Keep it up, guys.

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