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Monday, January 31, 2011

Because Of Who They Are

It has long since surprised me that the modern American Right will go to any length to use members of the American military to further their narrative of the moment. But now that their ultimate media boogeyman has been removed from his post at MSNBC - and desires to exercise his right to free speech - the wingers are ready to morph the two together.

The object of Olbermann's disaffection was one Ed Driscoll who was quite pleased by the former "Countdown" host's departure from MSNBC......

Is this really the dumbest letter to the editor of the century, or is Olbermann's kingsize ego so starved for attention that he doesn't feel the slightest inclination to show respect for a veteran voicing his opinion in a forum specifically designed for such a thing?

So are we to believe that simply because a person wears a uniform - whether it be a member of the armed forces, a police officer, a fireman, or even a judges robe - that their opinions are not to be questioned or challenged?

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