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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wonder When Glenn Beck Is Going To Have Him On

Chris Matthews had on William Kostric - the man with the Jefferson quote and gun at the townhall meeting given by President Obama - to answer some question, most notably what his message or intent was.

Matthews was visibly upset.

You'll notice toward the end of the segment ( approx. 6:25 ) that Kostric is holding what appears to be a script. Now, whether or not he was given the questions ahead of time - which I highly doubt - or those are his talking points given to him by either his lawyer or associate is unclear. But, what is readily apparent is that he is unrepentant for his questionable actions and appears to be more in-line with this laughable notion that our nation is on the very brink of destruction unless government is completely dismantled and people everywhere start carrying guns with them everywhere they go.

1 comment:

Dutch said...

I think this guy took the gun knowing he would be filmed and probably would be asked to go on all these shows. I have no doubt that he has people behind him that put him up to it. Kind of a Joe the Plumber 2.0.

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