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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not Concealing What's In Their Hearts

It's no suprise that many townhall events are going to be held in areas where there are conceal/carry laws - even places where you can carry a weapon as long as it ISN'T concealled. This is a story of the later.

Even though this man likely has a right to carry this weapon, I'd like to go back to something that I had stated early here.

Aside from the very real posibility that this man is simply carrying the gun in order to intimidate people at this particular rally, what possible rationale is there that anyone has a necessity to carry a gun with them at all times? Certainly any, all, or most that are gun afficianados will cry that they have a right to own weapons, so why should they be prohibited from carrying them at a townhall rally?

The answer, even to them, is blatantly obvious. They carry weapons to places not like this simply because it is their right or that they have a permit; it is a scare tactic. It feeds to their basest of instincts and then, in turn, feeds to rabid, often maniacal, notions of the fringe members within their party. They aren't expressing their rights, they are stoking the fires of paranoia and hatred - whether they realize it or not.

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