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Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

Over the weekend, I had these questions rolling around in my brain-pan and thought I would share.

- Why are conservatives so upset that Obama is calling for the nation to come together in service for their country on Sept. 11th? Are they upset that someone is trying to use the day in a positive light to honor those that died? Are they losing the ability to use the deaths of thousands as a tool of fear, nothing more than a slogan?

- What is really going to happen during Glenn Beck's "9/12 Project" thing that is allegedly going to take place in Washington? Considering the very real fact that no person within the conservative movement has the ability to bring out the crazies the way he does, is someone going to get hurt - or worse?

- Do conservatives not realize that you can't just "turn off" the internet?

- The fringe segment of the GOP ( which is growing larger by the week ) should really decide if Obama is a Marxist, Socialist, Nazi, Communist, or Fascist. Do they not realize that he can't be all 5?

- When is TOOL coming out with a new album?

- Exactly how many seniors, that are able to collect Social Security and take advantage of Medicare benefits, have started refusing them since they are so afraid of Socialism now? I'm guessing none.

- I wonder what children of uber-conservatives ( like Malkin, Hannity, and O'Reilly ) think about other kids their age. After all, children aren't born racists, or sexist, or nativists, or think Ronald Reagan was the second coming of Jesus.

- Who's going to be a Bonnaroo next year?

- Why doesn't Lawrence O'Donnell have his own show on MSNBC?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. because obama is a muslim, and how DARE a muslim mess around with 9/11! it is a day of FEAR, and it will STAY that way!!

2. 9/12 will be sponsored by hover-round and the obama-as-hitler people will be there, but the event will be much less than what glenn expected when he was hyping it up in the beginning...

3. conservatives do not understand how the inter-tubes work...

4. you forgot muslim!


6. seniors can't give up SSI, how will they be able to afford cable to watch FOX news? it's justified...

7. ...the tallahassee treasure....

8. i wonder the same thing about sasquatch...

9. i don't know who this is, i am about to find out...


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