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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Fox Chick, The Pantload, And A Crazy

Have you ever had one of those moments where your brain simply freezes when you hear something so outrageously stupid? Well, you're about to.

Practically from the start, Beck's claim is completely refuted. It isn't the individual that uses the website to turn in the old car, it is the dealer.

Although there are several sections within the website that allow the consumer to see if they qualify, find answers in the FAQ section, as well as read current updates on the program, this mysterious page that has Beck all in a lather simlpy does not exist on the page for the consumer.

There may be a few reasons for this. Either Beck was punked by one of his alleged "constitutional watch-dogs" or he is simply making this up as he goes along. I'm opting for the later, but who really know.

The page does exists, though in a different form, in the dealer page of This has nothing to do with the consumer, this is a TOS that is between dealerships that are transfering billions of dollars. Naturally, the language of the TOS is going to be strong and Federal oversight will be part of that.

You can view the terms of service agreement here.

Even right-wing blogs are starting to own up to the very real fact that Beck has been off the rails for quite some time.

Is there a point at which most reasonable people will start realizing that Glenn Beck is a raving freakazoid nut sandwich? Maybe this point?....What a disgrace; this is nothing but unjustifiable fear mongering, by idiots.

Why the feds would target something this supposedly nefarious at a tiny niche of people who want to trade in their gas-guzzlers is as unclear to me as why they’d tell you they’re doing it instead of doing it surreptitiously, as would be the case if GB’s allusion to Nazism near the beginning were accurate. I’m looking forward to hearing more on Monday, though, especially from Guilfoyle about how agreeing to the website’s terms of use grants the state a perfectly legal license to do whatever it wants with your computer.

But, some conservative blogs are still peddling this as fact.

After spending nearly an hour sifting through the CARS website, I haven't even found anything remotely close to what Beck is prattling on about. Of course, this should come as no suprise, as Beck would likely find fault in the Obama administration should it find the cure for cancer and AIDS within the same week.

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