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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Voices Of The "Murder, She Wrote" Demographic

One has to wonder how many people that are of age to draw Social Security and utilize Medicare are willing to give up these programs, or have already dropped them, because of the evils of Socialism that have just suddenly appeared within America in the last 8 months.

You will find a partial answer below.

LeRoy Schaffer, a St. Francis city council member, dressed in a tuxedo and top hat for the occasion. Shaffer got visibly emotional asking Bachmann about the future of health care and the role of special interests in Washington.

“I’ll be danged if I am going to give up my Social Security because of socialism,” Schaffer said, before being booed by the crowd.

I would like to offer that dear Mr. Schaffer's portrayal of the Monopoly guy does need a little more work to be convincing.

It's probably a fair assumption that many of these same people are huge fans of Bill O'Reilly as well.

So let me get this straight - Socialism is bad, unless seniors benefit from it?

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