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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Selective Editing Process And Conservative Message Makers

Last evening, I had a rather interesting, and predicatable pointless, conversation with Caleb Howe of on Twitter.

I was responding to the following video that Erick Erickson had initially posted on Twitter. In the video - link goes to RedState, we see Fox"News" reporter Griff "Do You Guys Not Believe In Freedom Of Speech" Jenkins, his camera man, and another man that may be a producer being shouted down by a very vocal crowd of people that don't like Fox"News".

There are no punches thrown, no cameras were destroyed, no one was pushed, shoved, or hit in any way. The only shoving came from the "producer" and camera operator as they tried to make their way through the crowd.

Sometimes rhetoric gets out of hand. We all know this. There is a difference between disagreeing with someone and villainizing them as Hitler 2.0. So when you paint the President as a monster causing the death of innocents, and the media as his Goebbels, are you inciting violent reaction? Sometimes, apparently so.

I shot the shocking video below myself. I have not editing (sic) the foul language so please be warned: not safe for young ears.

Like me, you’ve been hearing about an angry mob. Well it exists. Watch this, then read on for important eyewitness details.

Howe was attempting - and poorly at that, as there have been no accounts of any news organization being "attacked" during any of the recent townhall meetings - in talking about how rouwdy the crowds at townhall meetings are getting. And while I am fully aware of Democrats', liberals', and progressives' attitudes toward Fox"News", the video should come as no suprise.

However, as stated in my conversation with Howe, the video provides no context other than Griff and company are being shouted down and confronted - a tactic that is also being employed by the ill-informed Right in relation to the townhall meetings currently taking place across the country.

It should be noted that this is the same Griff Jenkins that has been known to run into crowds in order to create the impression that he is being attacked as well as being the same Griff Jenkins that talked about going out and "causing trouble" at te DNC Convention last year.

The folowing video, which many conservative websites were touting as proof that Griff was "attacked" may very well be the lead-in to the video that Howe posted on RedState last night. In it, you will see Jenkins walking straight into an oncoming crowd and them stumbling about and crying "do you not believe in freedom of speech?"

1 comment:

themom said...

If someone from FAUX news stuck a microphone in my face, I would be tempted to give a tongue lashing also. Even a sane, articulate statement gets the SPIN - and comes out (after editing) in their favor. What a joke.

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