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Monday, August 17, 2009

Because They Are The Greatest Band To Have Ever Played

I have often thought this without ever considering any other band, any other sound, any other opinion, but Led Zeppelin are the literal and figural gods of rock music.

Here are some tracks, some videos, some times that prove this.

Plant and Page: The Rain Song

There were many days when I would ride my bike around my county, dreaming of towns and cities away from where I grew up and where I had faultered. This song was consistantly in my walkman.

Some live at the Filmore East jams

White Summer / Black Moutainside : Paris 1969

Zeppelin in their infamous Danish TV special.

And some Plant solo action


Anonymous said...

i concur...

Booksteve said...

Rain Song is the song I have long used when people would tell me that Zeppelin was just loud and cacophonus to show them that no, indeed, there was method to their madness!

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