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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is Glenn Beck The Right's Answer To Alex Jones? or Allahpundit Gets A Clue

Ailes and Murdock must be quite pleased with all the press attention that Glenn Beck has brought to his program. And they are certainly pleased with the numbers that he is posting, even at 4pm. Beck has taken to his new position at Fox"News" with such fervor and passion that he's even gotten the attention of the network's biggest star, Bill O'Reilly - who's program Beck has a special segment on. Does O'Reilly feel threatened? That's another topic for another time.

But there-in lies the problem. Beck is so caught up in the "Obama bad, Conservative good, ugh, Beck smash" meme that it's eventually all going to catch up to him. He's either going to cross the line - which he has gotten VERY close to in recent weeks - and get cancelled or something he says is going to cause someone to come completely unglued and kill someone.

And some within the conservative movement are starting to realize this.

Recently, Allahpundit - at the Malkin headed "HotAir" - posed this question as a follow-up to his piece about Boss Limbaugh and Beck venting about the very imagined fact that their free speech rights are being removed each time the Obama administration did anything.

Is Beck serious here when he talks about the White House using some sort of disaster as a pretext to impose emergency rule? We’re only seven months into The One’s term and already he’s right at the brink of Reichstag Fire scenarios? I don’t think the left dropped those on Bush until his second year in office, at least. How’s GB going to hold it together for another three years if he’s already this close to the edge?

Is this a bombshell of a statement? No. Is this the catalyst that now the fringe-right of the conservative movement is going to start eating their own? That's a bit much, but the implications are there that some within the further reaches of the conservative right ( whom are praised here on a virtual daily basis ) are starting to hedge their bets when it comes to Glenn Beck.

Sure, the people at Hot Air love a good gimmick, and Beck is giving that to them in spades. But you can start to feel that they will drop all their praise at any given moment and distance themselves once things start to get out of hand. And it's almost certain that it will. Seeing as how Beck prides himself on promoting abject ignorance, fear, and distrust within his viewing audience, it won't be long before someone dives headlong into the shallow end of the pool.

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