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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Because You Can Shout

....doesn't mean that you actually have something to say.

With people like Michelle Malkin, actively encouraging the "tea-bagging" masses to attend town-hall meetings in their communities - not to do anything consructive, just to provide "obstruction" in the form of hysterical shouting - it should be pointed out that conservatives literally have nothing to offer in the form of national, civil, discourse.

Take a look.

The Philly Daily News has a write-up of the events.

Naturally, people are going to immediately claim that they are exercising their rights to free speech and assembly. And they are correct, they have that right. But what happens when you use that right to just scream and do nothing more? What happens when you use that right and you are preventing someone else from speaking - thereby taking away that right which you are exercising?

It's generally those that run for the cover of "rights" that haven't the slightest idea of what they saying. But that's easy. It's easy to be lead and not be a leader. It's easy to have misinformation spoon fed to you and not do even the most basic of research to find out that what you are shouting against is really your own well-being.

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