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Friday, August 14, 2009

I'd Like To Thank The Academy

Apparently, my daily musings and ramblings have caught the attention of some and now I have had bestowed upon my oft grammatical abortions my first award.

So, in the spirit of "the rules", let us go through the necessary steps to give not only thanks, but credit to some fantastic blogs I have been reading since venturing into the ether of cyber-space-blogging-action last summer.

Firstly, to WIEC? for the award. His blog is not to be missed. I am particularly fond of his month-long series on Alien.

Secondly, to the 10 blogs that I will be crowning as Honest Scrap.

1 - Love Train For The Tenebrus Empire.

Tenebruskate soaks the digital realm in a psycho-sexual coating of retro films that range in genre from horror, to action adventure, and fantasy. Peppered with a unique take on music, art, and the darker corners of pop-culture, it's a fantastic place to spend time.

2 - Electric Cerebrectomy

Samuraifrog's blog has a little bit for everyone. A great musical series called 500 Faves has reintroduced me to some gems of the past as well as opened by mind to new sounds.

3 - Darkblack

What would Sarah Palin look like flying an x-wing topless over Rush Limbaugh's saggy tits while he gave a rim-job to Glenn Beck as they both got bukkaked by Bill O'Reilly, Levi Johnston, and Yani? You'll surely find wonderful pics just like that here.

4 - Blue Gal

Three words: Panties, Knitting, Politics

5 - Awesomness

You know that feeling that you get when you eat 4 bowls of Cocoa Puffs in a row? Now couple that with two nights without sleep while listening to Burl Ives on continuous loop. Then you might have some sort of grasp on what's going on at this site.

6 - Adventures In Nerdliness

Darius Whiteplume, aside from having one of the most fucking cool names in all of recorded history, Nerdliness offers up some great pieces of the inner nerd in us all. Oh, and his various other blog-adventures are worth a click or three - especially Dirty And Nerdy.

7 - Zaius Nation

Dr. Zauis conjures up grovalicious imagry, text, and style in a whirlwind of swing and jive that is a toe-tapping, knee-slapping, booty shaking good time.

8 - Everything Is Terrible

Itching for some crazy, retro, bizzare, video footage? Look no further.

9 - The Sanity Project

Radio DJ Josh James' blog that takes on religion with a nice blend of politics and current events.

10 - No Smoking In The Skullcave

Two aspects of this blog are absolutely wonderful. Firstly, Becca's skills as an artist are top-notch. I'm sure that I am repeating what has already been said, but her style is very much a blend of Japanese stylings and Coop. Secondly, the movie quiz posts are not to be triffled with. Most will be lucky to get 40%.

I would list more, but these are the ten ( aside from WIEC, whom nominated my blog ) that I would recommend you all take not of.

And now, Part The Third: 10 Things About Myself

1 - I have no belly-button. No, seriously. I don't have one and you'll just have to take me at my word, cause there's no way I'm taking my shirt off today.

2 - I oftem feel like I was born, not just in the wrong time, but in the wrong place. I would feel quite at home with the young film directors in Paris in 1968; perhaps with the DJs in Ibizia in the late 80s; or even somewhere in the not to distant future in some southern city like Nashville, Atlanta, or New Orleans.

3 - I'm still kicking myself in the ass for not starting up a blog sooner

4 - I have this bizarre fascination with the number 43. I've had this particular mental defect since around 1995. While most people will discount my theories revolving around this particular number, but there are innumerable instances of this number having particular significance throughout various places during the whole of recorded history.

5 - I have yet to make use of my college education to the ponit where I can quit my current job. However, breaking into the film industry, getting published ( in a variety of styles ), and writing electronic music and DJing can be quite the difficult task to accomplish if you have as little time as I do.

6 - I have had interesting altercations with various celebrities, musicians, and other notables, yet have no photographic evidence that such things happened. I have learned to be prepared for such instances now, although living in Western Kentucky doesn't exactly afford one the opportunity to bump into high-profile personalities.

7 - I was a radio DJ for 5 years while attending Western Kentucky University. I recorded most of my programs, but have managed to only hang onto a handful of tapes that I am attempting to have converted to digital format somehow. Is that even possible? I'm sure it is.

8 - I am somewhat of a music elitist. I can't stand when people conflate two completely divergent genres like hip-hop and rap, attempting to make them the same thing. I also cannot and will never be able to tolerate the bulk of what is passed off as "talent". There is nothing talented about the likes of Kid Rock, Lady Ga-Ga, Kanye West, or the glut of what is being passed of as "country music".

9 - I have a massive collection of films that are slowly overtaking my living-room. At last count, I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 1147 and alphabetized by catagory. I'm thinking of adding a room on to my house.

10 - Living in such a conservative part of the US, and having grown up here as well, gives me a very unique perspective to the inner machinations and ditherings of the Republican voting block as they are now suddenly "concerned" over the state of the country. Hypocrisy certain knows no bounds - especially in the Bible Belt.

1 comment:

wiec? said...

congrats and well deserved friendo. you also passed the award off to some nice picks as well.

couldn't agree more about point #8. i feel the same way. i myself have been called a 'music snob' from time to time.

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