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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Predictability Of Conservative Meme

In classic Fox"News" fashion, "pretty-girl-on-the-teevee" Andrea Tantaros sticks to the script while discussing ( or not? ) the very reasonable way in which the Obama has responded to misinformation and lies regarding his stance on healthcare and other issues.

This is standard operating procedure for the prattle-heads at Fox. When your opponent doesn't answer for something, they are dodging the issue; when they do answer, they are misinforming; and when they employ technology to do so, then look out.

And this is something that conservative Republicans, who only get their information from Fox"News" or conservative talk radio, carry on discussions. They refuse to approach the subject head-on, but taking a look at the whether the facts support this or not. Instead, they chose to create tangentical arguements that have little to no validity and do nothing but muddy discussion and confuse their audience. And that confusing leads to conservative Republicans futher and further away from the truth.

Kirsten powers, who I normally don't care very much for, as she serves no greater purpose than that of the "Democrat-Placehold" so that Fox"News" can at least marginally validate their "Fair and Balanced" slogan, actually made some small bit of sense when she vocalized her confusion to the issue of the Obama administration continuing efforts to fight disinformation and lies when Jim Pinkerton claims that this is essentially the White House "lobbying".

So how is this even considered lobbying? Is this White House not even allowed to communicate with the voting publica without the conservative Right conflating this with pre-existing laws that likely didn't even consider the communication power of the internet when it was written?

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