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Monday, August 24, 2009

This Is Rather Upsetting

While it is commonplace for Republicans ( especially those within the fringe area of the conservative movement - who seem to be growing so large, that it's no longer "fringe" ) to use the American military as a stick with which to beat people. It's becoming rather pornographic, predictable, an ultimately sad.

Then, there's this.

While I cannot and will not speak of this man's service to the country, it's readily apparent that he knows little to nothing of Nazi Germany, but is more than willing to stick with the rhetoric of fear stylings that are so en vougue now with the tea-party set.

His equivocation that since the Nazi's were labeled the National Socialist Party, that this must means that the Obama administration is playing on the same political field as the Nazi's. This, however, is not true in more ways than can be enumerated.

After all, since the former USSR had the name Republic in it, does that mean that it was governed by Republicans? Absolutely not. But, to stick with the ideals and point of view of the gentleman in the video, this would be a logical jumping off point.

This morning, this man ( apparently a Marine ) was to be on Fox and Friends ( who suddenly have the desire to have members of the military on their show on a virtual daily basis ) to talk about his statements and his beliefs. I'll have that video up soon.

There is nothing more dangerous than an ill-informed person that is given a platform. And what is truly upsetting to me is that a person that is defending our country has fallen prey to the idiocy and falseness of the conservative movement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

here's how my conversation went when she posted this proudly on her facebook:

her: "Another mob member makes an excellent point!"

me: "i'm sorry, another excellent point that nancy pelosi is a nazi? ...that guy didn't make a point at all, didn't even really ask a question that wasn't rhetorical, he was mad and needed to vent...

her: "The point of asking if the man was going to uphold his oath."

me: "like the congressguy is going to say "no, i don't think i will uphold my oath!", silent majority member david william hedrick wasted an opportunity to ask his congressguy a legitimate question in lieu of more hate-speech, to invoke the "nazi" fear..."

for some reason she has yet to respond...she has taken a lot of stupid quizzes since...

i just thought i'd share how the sheep are eating this guy up with gravy..."stay away from my kids!!!" apparently struck a cord with this woman i speak to who takes her kids to all the tea parties and lets them hold signs they don't understand....


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