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Thursday, August 6, 2009

If It Isn't Astroturfing

.....then the ignorance of many of these people doesn't speak well for the conservative movement or the Republican party

John Amato @ Crooks and Liars has coined an interesting term regarding the cacauphonous context of the tea-bagging lexicon and how it is being used.

Beckerwocky (as I'm calling it) is the typical dialogue spoken by most of the teabaggers and the guy that Chris interviewed during the last half of this video is no different. They make up the majority of attendees along with the astroturfing crews. They are global warming deniers that yell "socialism" as much as they can and after a minute or so make no sense at all.

So what do we really have here? Are these people being actively fed misinformation and lies, being bussed in by various lobbying groups and healthcare industry types? Are these people reading from scripts and attempting to conflate information or just make up information on the spot? Or are these people truly concerned and motivated by the interests of their community. Well, perhaps it's both. I'm guessing a healthy does of the former blended with a pinch of the later.

And even though the vitriol, hatred, and ignorance that is pervasive within the conservative, tea-bagger, movement is very real, and in some instances tangible, it's interesting to find that there is moral moral equivalency drawn to this.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing passionate condemnations of unhinged talker Mike Malloy’s mob threat from Bobby Gibbs and Josh Marshall any second now.


I honestly didn't know who Mike Malloy was.

Proving that liberal talk radio still has new frontiers of bad taste to explore, syndicated host Mike Malloy has openly called for FOX News Channel host Glenn Beck to commit suicide, something he hopes will occur live and on the air.

Heard during yesterday's Malloy program, it's the second time in a week that the former WLS/ Chicago talker has called for the death of one of his political opponents. Earlier, he said he hoped Rush Limbaugh would "choke to death".

To place this sort of ignorance on the same playing field as the likes of Micheal Savage, Rush Limbaugh, or even Glenn Beck himself is rather disingenuous. But to ignore hate and ignorance on within the talk radio realm that you identify with while decrying the opposition is rather hypocritical.

And who is this person that says one is equivalent to the other? Why none other than the woman that told the ladies of The View that drawing moral equivalency is sad - why none other than Michelle Malkin.

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