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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Retired Military, Medicare, And The Tea Party Crowd

Bob Cesca brought up this point not just in regards to the "loud noises" meme that the "tea-baggers" seem to have embraced but of the very real fact that many within the tea-party movement appear to be retired military personel who likely recieve healthcare paid for by the taxpayer.

Without insulting the guy, here's how I would describe him. He's clearly either the recipient of Veteran's Administration healthcare (note the USMC cap) or Medicare or both. Both of which are single-payer "socialized" healthcare programs run by the government. And I seriously doubt this old misguided man would ever give up his socialized healthcare.

And here's another that I have found.

Please not the air-force hat and apparent age.

One has to wonder what percentage of the "tea-baggers" are, in fact, retired military personel that are usuing medical care being funded by the taxpayer.

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