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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

O, Rly Orly?

It's really a special time in American media when a network has on one of the loudest and most insane voices that take up a particularly laughable cause.

In this case, it's Orly Taitz, the Tammy Faye Baker look-a-like pageant winner and head of the thouroughly debunked - yet oh, so hilarious - Birther Movement.

One has to wonder exactly why David Shuster thought he would be able to get in a question or even a rebuttle, much less a coherent answer.

And to think that there are elected officials that are aligning themselves with this movement and this woman. Please, PLEASE, let her stick around as long as she wants.

There are two points in this catastrophy that immediately caught my attention. Toward the end of the interview, Orly - while nearing hyperventilation - tells Tamron Hall that she won't be around very long ( or did she mean MSNBC ) if the truth doesn't come out. What? Also, Orly brings up apparently new information about Obama having multiple Social Security numbers - one belonging to a dead person. Really?

One has to wonder, what does this woman stand to gain from all this - aside from media attention?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

she said something about the social security numbers on colbert, i think it might have been right after she said obama's administration was like nazi germany...

said one was from some guy in connecticut and it was 190 years old and colbert asked her if she thought obama was a vampire....

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