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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So He Was Right.......This Time

In light of yesterdays confession by Rep. Anthony Weiner, it's no wonder that Breitbarts Big Blogs are in full on gloat mode.

But there's something that people need to realize - this doesn't vindicated Breitbart in any fashion other than he somehow managed not to screw this one up. And for the man that is perpetually wrong, that's a pretty big step up.

The downfall is ultimately going to be two-fold: Weiner will likely face an ethics investigation and will probably be resigning in the weeks or months to come, and Breitbart will get away with the narrative that all criticism of him, his websites, and his "employees" are completely unfounded because he showed the world Rep. Weiner's - well - weiner.

What this should cause all people to do is put more pressure on Breitbart to prove his legitimacy. We shouldn't let the media give him a complete pass on this. After all, this is the same guy that pushed the demonstrably false ACORN story that the media didn't even come close to correctly covering.

So the question I find myself asking is this - would Breitbart take the same stance against a GOP member of Congress? Likely not, as his modus operandi is strictly "anti-left" and in no way objective in nature. I would suggest we not hold out collective breath in the hopes that Breitbart "expose" conservative misdeeds.

The boasting and bragging will likely dominate media coverage for the remainder of the week, so look for Fox"News" to claim some moral victory before lunchtime today.

As for Weiner, his credibility is pretty much shot in the eyes of the average media audience. But that was the idea, was it not? As one of the most vocal and intelligent opponents of the Modern American Right, Breitbart knew that he had to get this one right so they could be rid of Rep. Weiner. But the Congressman wasn't really a victim so much as complicit in his own downfall, Breitbart just knew he had to exploit it the best way possible.

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