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Monday, June 6, 2011

Palin, History, And Conservative Framing

I've been watching, with great interest, how The Modern American Right have been doing the utmost in damage control in light of Sarah Palin's ignorance of American History that she claims to hold dear.

What troubles me about this the most is that it's not Palin's ignorance, nor that of her sycophants, that will ultimately gestate within certain cross-sections of children in our country, but that far too many people are willing to accept conservative "framing" of American history and allow that to be the basis of their response.

As the father of two young girls - one that just recently got an award of excellence in History - I often wonder what teachers are doing in relation to media exposure of people like Sarah Palin. Do they teach class in conjunction with conservative posturing? While this may sound familiar to some of my more Right leaning readers - as they are want to claim that the modern public school classroom is a breeding ground of far-left thought - I have seen a great deal of textbooks that are used in classrooms today that are more akin to far-right ideology.

Should we honestly have to counter Palin's idiocy simply because it is there?

Should we have to digitally grapple with the likes of Fox"News" and their ilk because they place Palin, and her ignorance of American history, on a pedestal?

The answer isn't so simple, but the results would yield dividends for Liberals/Progressives.

I believe that it's time that we take on the issues that matter to all of America, and not what The Modern American Right believes "America stands for". I say let Palin look idiotic on her own while we tackle the real issues. I say let Fox"News" and their easily lead compatriots twitch and chatter all they want while we make this country stronger.

It's time we end the reign of conservative framing.

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