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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Late Night Music Club feat. Big Wreck

There are a metric ton of under-appreciated bands from the late 90's. But for me, Big Wreck is easily in my Top 10.

Ian Thornley and company produced some of the most honest music of the time that hardly anyone took note of. And by that, I mean that the mainstream music outlets in many markets weren't playing them.

Sure, they had one hit video on MTV with probably the most commercial track they ever produced, but that's not what made the band important.

As far as ballads go, Big Wreck had a way of melding heavy riffs and passion with a vocal style that would have left post "Badmotorfinger" Chris Cornell wondering where he had gone wrong.

Tonight, we feature two tracks from Big Wreck:

Blown Wide Open

That Song

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