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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Right Wing Entitlement Culture: Pt. III - Accountability?

When we continually hear members of the Modern American Right speak about "personal responsibility", it's curious that we rarely - if ever - hear them speak about accountability for one's actions. Well, we actually do, but it is usually in reference to those they call their ideological opposites - and they tend to be portrayed as belonging to a "lower cast system" ( ie: blacks, single mothers, immigrants - legal or otherwise - media that isn't controlled by Rupert Murdock, et al )

It's with that in mind that we should take a look at Tracy Morgan's poor performance in Nashville where he claimed he would kill his child if they were gay.

This revelation was met with great approval by the Modern American Right, yet they couldn't understand why he should be held accountable for his actions.

Remember how they suddenly embraced accountability when David Letterman joked about Palin's daughter? And there was clearly the intent to make it seem like he was joking about the younger Palin daughter when he wasn't. But nuance is something the Modern American Right doesn't understand, so we'll save that for later.

From "Dr. Laura" and her n-bomb fetishism that resulted in he firing, to Glenn Beck's conspiratorial machinations that have directly resulted in an attempt to murder, and even to the decisions of the Bush Administration that lead to the economic collapse of the nation and the deaths of thousands of soldiers and innocent Iraqis, The Modern American Right have completely divorced "responsibility" and "accountability" when it comes to their ideological kindred.

But back to Morgan, people within the Modern American Right - including Right Wing hack Jim Hoft - think Tracy Morgan should apologize to Sarah Palin for saying exactly what he and many others within their ranks treat her like.

The rationale here is that it's alright to threaten the life of a child, but admitting that you wank it to Palin now and again is tantamount to wiping your ass with The American Flag.

Comedy is an art, something which Tracy Morgan can be both deft with and unable to comprehend all at once. The later is where you favor "shock value" over substance in order to get your audience to respond. If anything, Morgan was successful in getting a very wide audience to respond. But should we neglect holding him accountable for his words?

I say let him continue with this exact same on-stage rhetoric. But when he starts to see his box-office receipts dwindle, the audience share of 30 Rock all but disappear, then perhaps he will understand that if he wants to be considered a serious comedian, then he ought to take his art seriously.

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