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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Conservative Jesus Shows His Cards On School "Choice"

Check out and you'll see what Gov. Chris "No, I'm Not Going To Run For President" Christie has to say when asked a very honest and non-threatening question.

For starters, Christie acts as if the woman is demanding the address of the school and the name of his kids' teacher. Both of which are clearly not intended. But hey, it's a "red meat moment" so you know Christie is going to lap it up like so much Palin-churned cream.

Gail never requested the scholastic status of Christie's children, but he certainly offered it. Gail wondered whyy Christie wanted to punish the public school system, and that is what raised his blood pressure. Do you really have to wonder why?

And then he breaks out the "I pay more than you in taxes" meme - which I would love to fact check - in order to create the illusion that Gail's question is not only irrelevant, but that her entire existence and that of public schools is irrelevant in New Jersey.

Don't let the "choice" meme coming from the Modern American Right fool you. Chris Christie and his eager followers demand that your children be "educated" from a religious standpoint.

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