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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Art Of The Hack Right Wing Blogger

Sure, hypocrisy knows no political alignment. I have to admit that I've caught myself more than a few times saying one thing while thinking another. It's something I've learned from and feel I have become a better blogger, and better person because of it. This apparently hasn't happened to Andrew Breitbart's least intelligent employee Jim Hoft ( aka: GatewayPundit ) who's hypocrisy is so transparent that it practically screams at you several hours throughout any given day.

Take this post for example:

Another Day – Another Leftist Attack
The left must be very proud tonight. Far left criminals defaced Sarah Palin’s bus tonight.

The left is upset that Sarah Palin just won’t go away.

Actually, the Left isn't upset that she won't go away, it's just that she makes herself such an easy topic for scorn and derision when she does and says some of the most preposterous things - like this

And you call this an "attack" and an act of "defacement"? Please, it's a piece of paper with tape on the back. Take it off, drive away, and stop the pity party.

What makes this even more of a point that Jim Hoft is so eager to digitally finer-bang Palin that he can't keep his media "hate list" in order, is that he actually sourced the website that published pics from her hacked account. Double standard much?

Just check out his sit tomorrow morning, as Hoft will likely have many more examples that expose his rank amateur status.

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