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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Late Night Music Club w/ Aphex Twin

Tonight's Music Club features two genius of Richard D. James ( aka Aphex Twin ).

The track is from Nine Inch Nails' "Further Down The Spiral" import EP entitled "At The Heart Of It All".

This is not a remix of any track off NIN's Downward Spiral LP, but was specifically solicited by Trent Reznor for this compilation. Aphex Twin also provided mix work to the track "The Beauty of Being Numb".

While the visuals in the above fan video lend themselves well to the track, I have always envisioned a city-scape along the lines of Blade Runner, but with a horror film twist. That's what makes these two musicians such phenoms, that they can conjure up emotions and visuals of such intensity.

You can also find this track on Aphex Twin's 2003 EP 26 Mixes For Cash.

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