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Monday, June 20, 2011

Right Wing Entitlement Culture: Pt. IV - Fuck The Earth

The Modern American Right love to endlessly complain about efforts to prevent environmental destruction.

This is an aspect of Right Wing Entitlement Culture that shows that conservatives/libertarians ( and yes, they are both part of the Right despite what many in the later would proclaim ) have more than just a modest desire to control science and completely misrepresent it.

The Right and science have a relationship that is expressed in a very specific way: Humans have no direct impact on the earth.

This, more than anything, is a blatant and indefensible lie that The Modern American Right should be able to understand based on their alleged principles of responsibility and accountability. However, they are more than want to reference the alleged "Dominion Mandate" in biblical scripture without comprehending it's deeper meaning:

26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

And while the Modern American Right love to quote scripture without the least bit of analysis or inspection, it should be noted that religious publications like Christianity Today have written of Climate Change and it's connection to modern Christianity that came to this conclusion regarding the "Dominion Mandate":

....Christians were called to be a “new centre of strength” for creation and for others seeking to live in a more environmentally sustainable way.

He ( Rev David Moss, Vicar of St Michael’s ) said Scripture had to be understood in the context that it was written and that the Hebrew word ‘rada’ had often been “mistranslated” in Genesis 1as ‘dominion’ over creation.

“This word actually described what was believed to be the nerve centre of being of the plant, which ruled over the rest of the organism,” he said.

“‘Rada’ literally refers to the node or nucleus just above the root from which a plants life and being stems.

“In this context a better interpretation would be ‘Let [humanity] be the centre of strength’ for all creation.

“This translation demonstrates that humanity’s God given rule over creation does not come without responsibility.”

Blind ideological hatred can lead to consequences that one might not expect. And with that in mind, the Modern American Right have taken to frame Climate Change as nothing but pure ideological posturing by the Left, regardless of the evidence that is presented to them.

Their narrative is expressed as such:

- We have dominion over the earth as expressed in biblical scripture

- Corporations are not responsible for impacts on the environment ( See the recent Deep Water Horizon spill of last year )

- Teaching the impacts of humans on the earth is propaganda directed at children

- Protecting the environment ultimately kills jobs

and finally.......

- Science is Leftist theology

The later is clearly expressed in relation to Climate Change, while it is still present in various forms of verified scientific data.

So why does the Modern American Right have such a vendetta against science and against the Earth they occupy? The answer is quite simple - because it's a cause that the Left champions.

Had the Left championed an anti-abortion amendment to the Constitution, the Right would be against it. Had the Left desired to "clear-cut" all the National Parks in the South, the Right would be against it. When the Left does anything, the Right will reflexively act. But it is this aspect of the Left that the Modern American Right can use to their advantage - early missteps.

Science, in and of itself, is nuance - something the Right refuses to acknowledge - and while one scientist may discover something, another may find an aspect that bolsters or refutes the initial claim. The problem that the Right faces is that they not only want to inject ideology into science, but religion as well. These two factors have no place in the scientific community.

Science is not based on "feeling", but fact. And as the Modern American Right rely almost exclusively on the stimulation of feelings - generally towards the negative - they will continually fail in the realm of scientific debate. However, their "framing" approach has given them somewhat of an advantage, as the bulk of media in America tend to kowtow to such nonsensical blather in favor of a truly honest approach to their claims.

So the question stands - if the Modern American Right think we have no direct impact on the Earth, does this mean we can dump all our used motor oil onto Rush Limbaugh's front yard?

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