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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Wrench In The Works

While the modern conservative movement is more than happy to indulge in conspiracy theories regarding Obama's birth, his upbringing, his religion, his family, where and what he studied in school, as well as his behavior as president, it appears that conservatives are more than willing to mock a theory that is more grounded in reality than they might be willing to accept.

the paranoia meter swung fully into the red when Steve Benen teamed up with Matt Yglesias to explain one current phenomenon to a public thirsty for answers. You see, Republicans are currently working on further trashing the United States economy and driving us into a depression so that Barack Obama won’t win reelection in 2012.

And even though I can almost come to somewhat of a moderate understanding with the skepticism from the modern conservative movement in regards to this theorem, one has to but look at the economic realities in our country, coupled with how the "anti-business" rhetoric from the Right doesn't quite mesh with the numbers conservatives claim to hold dear.

- Corporate profits increase in 2010

- The Dow surges upward in 2010

- Despite conservative claims, the Economic Stimulus was a success according to the CBO.

Those three things alone - for me at least - show that the conservative narrative and the reality of our current economic realm simply do not mesh.

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Anonymous said...

They lie because it works.

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