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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sarah's Sliptastic Spin

In which I ultimately have to dive into this issue.

And while I was somewhat shocked that the conservative spin on this didn't somehow use the verbal gymnastics and trickery they normally employ to show that, in point of fact, we do have "allies" in North Korea in order to show that Palin knows something about what lies to the north of the DMZ - or at least try to make the case that she can see those allies from Wasilla with the right set of binoculars - I think they are missing the larger point that Palin's knowledge of foreign countries and foreign policy in general aren't exactly on par with her liberal/progressive opponents.

I'll cut her enough slack to openly and honestly admit that anyone of any prominence that speaks to large audiences on a daily basis is going to make some verbal stumbles, but when one looks at the broader picture Palin versus Obama, it's a fair statement to say that our President not only knows how to utilize the English language but actually has substantive remarks in regards to policy - both foreign and domestic - without having to rely on glittering word-salad-ism that do nothing more than create the illusion that you know what you're talking about.

If you need any further proof, take any Obama speech about healthcare reform and play it side by side with one from Palin and you'll get a clearer picture of who knows more about what's going on.

1 comment:

Kal said...

This latest gafs by the Queen of Stupid infuriates me more than all the others but not for the reason you would think. Instead of admitting that she was confused or mispoke (she certainly has friendly venues to go to that will cut her 100% slack), she instead finds a way to blame this on Obama and make political hay out of her fuck-up. I am so angry that she is so vain and self-centered that she thinks she is infalible. This is the same thing that bothers me about the Pope. At Obama can admit her made some mistakes and move on. For once I would like to see Mrs Sarah have that kind of political courage instead of being the coward that she is.

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