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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Voter As Consumer

Because after all, don't we all look to Dana Perino for honest analysis of edited clips from a much larger 60 minutes interview?

I'll forgo the preposterous notion Perino put forth that we are a "center-right" nation and just get right to the meat of the issue.

Obama made a very valid point about how it's much easier to talk about your ideas and your vision for improvement of the nation while on the campaign trail. This is what brought out the vote for him in 2008. But it's a totally new day once in office.

The reason that he finds it more difficult to implement his administrations plans is the completely unchecked - and often unchallenged - ignorance from the collective Right. This isn't, my any means, to say these people aren't educated, aren't aware of their surroundings, or lack the mental capacity to decided what is and what isn't beneficial to them. However, one must look at where many of these people - particularly the Tea Baggers - get their "facts".

And isn't that the point that Dana is ignoring. It's not that she is missing it, considering who she is currently employed by, but she is not admitting that conservative voters across the country voted in large part on how Fox"News" and their mouth agape throngs that aggregate it to them to.

As stated before, it's a matter of perception versus perspective. If you lack the accuracy of the later, a distortion of the former by an outside source is all too easy.

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