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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reframing The Story

In typical fashion, Fox"Nation" creates a connection between Barack Obama and an alleged sexual predator where their wasn't one.

In the headline to a report about former chief of staff to Rep. Steve Rothman, Fox"Nation" uses the headline "Former Obama Advisor Arrested On Child Sex Charges".

While Decheine was employed as an advisor to the New Jersey wing of the Obama campaign in 2008, he was not - at the Fox"Nation" and even TPM headline suggests - a direct advisor to Barack Obama himself.

Among those backing up U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman (D-Fair Lawn) at today’s press conference on the eve of Sen. John McCain’s (D-Ariz.) visit stood Bob Decheine, Rothman’s chief of staff.

Decheine was in the running to be Obama’s state director, a contest he ultimately lost to union leader Tricia Mueller.

But as chief of the only member of New Jersey’s congressional delegation who endorsed Obama in the Democratic Primary, Decheine landed a position with the campaign as senior advisor.

"This is a big job we have to get done," Decheine told

He said he appreciated the opportunity to meet Mueller for the first time when the new state director went to Washington last month to meet with Decheine in person.

"We’ve known each other from past campaigns, but that was the first time we ever met face to face," he said.

He downplayed the politics behind Mueller’s selection.

"We are now focused on bringing everyone together - Clinton backers and Obama backers, north and south - for the purpose of electing Sen. Obama president," said Decheine. "This movement will continue to build. We have half a million new registered Democrats, and many volunteers who are eager to get to work."

Part of the organizing in this election, said Decheine, will have the important effect of establishing a ground game for the coming - in his words - re-election of Gov. Jon Corzine.

The Obama campaign has plans to open its New Jersey general election headquarters next week.

It's this sort of "reporting" that fuels the ignorance of the modern conservative movement. What Decheine did was beyond disgusting, but directly linking him to the President is not only dishonest, but shows a lack of credibility.

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