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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Governing From Where?

Saw this over at Crooks And Liars and I am wondering exactly how this clown could even be considered to manage a McDonalds, much less an entire state.

The shear hubris that Kasich is exhibiting is beyond the pale. For him to even hint at the fact that his detractors should apologize to him would be completely laughable. But for him to say that he expects teachers unions to spend money to provide him supplication makes even Bill O'Reilly's ego look like a miniature figurine ( Kasich has helped out O'Reilly as a guest host on his Fox"News" show for several years ) and then claim that transportation improvements are more important for goods rather than workers is simply incredible to behold.

Karoli sums this up quite well.

I see. Expand rails to move goods, not passengers, so people who make things couldn't really get to work to make things?

Alrighty then.

Seems that Kasich is angling to be one of the Tea-Baggiest of the Tea Bagger winners in the hopes that he would garner face-time on Fox"News" that he would have gotten anyway, regardless of a win or not.

This little threat from the governor-elect has caused me to postulate this - are we seeing the begining of the Tea Bagger ultimatum that will soon spread across the US? If that's the case, these people might well want to re-examine that strategy, as they are going after those same workers, that tax-payer bracket they allegedly champion.

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