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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Limited Speaking Engagement

Considering that conservatives are doing their level best to formulate a narrative surrounding Nancy Pelosi's eminent departure as "speaker", her hopes to become Minority Leader in the House, as well as continuing with the "San Fransisco Values" talking points sheet, I am actually thinking about whether or not all this Pelosi prattling is worth my time.

Essentially, it's not.

To borrow a phrase that Republicans and many Libertarians that I have recently debated don't like - Let Me Be Clear.

Most of Nancy Pelosi's critics are her critics simply because she is from San Fransisco. Can you recall all the times that the name "the San Fransisco Speaker" was battered around Fox"News" and talk radio? Despite what conservatives will claim until their final breath, they might as well be saying "OMG! Teh Gay is in Congress!!!!".

Rather than waste time with that poor line of attack on Pelosi, here's what I think she should do........

..............whatever she wants.

Why is that? Regardless of what she does - be that running for minority leader or leaving Capital Hill all together - Republicans are going to go after her with all they have. And honestly, this shows that they are more than willing to put aside all that they claim to be "pressing issues" for the country simply because they have a temporary upper hand of sorts.

Has Nancy Pelosi been a perfect example of what it means to be Speaker Of The House? I would have to say no, but that is predicated on the fact that she seems to have no cared all that much about refuting the deluge of criticism that has been leveled at her. That being said, did she really need to take on all her detractors? I'm fairly sure that had she done that that she would have been labeled "unhinged", or "unfit to serve", or even "whining". After all, responding to conservative complaints never does people any good in the modern socio-political climate.

The noise machine is fully prepared to shift the narrative as needed, and the bulk of media is more than eagerly lap it up.

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