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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Sorry State Sarah's In

In this truncated clip from Hannity, Sarah "I Have A Communications Degree But Have Yet To Use It" Palin is still bitterly clinging to that grudge against Katie Couric for asking her what she reads.

Despite the fact that conservatives are framing this as "media outreach" since she's obviously going to be running for President, I'm wondering if she really wants to start talking about "cleaning up" media. Conservatives have a well recorded history of late in calling everyone but Fox"News" nothing more than "state run media". Is this what Palin is talking about doing? I think it falls just short of that and well within the confines of an approach somewhat akin to to inverse of The Fairness Doctrine. By that, I mean that Palin is wanting more people within various media platforms to essentially play patty-cake with her and her ilk rather than asking relevant questions.

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