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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fiscal Context

------ Saw this highlighted over at The Political Carnival and thought it needed a little expansion, considering who it is that is talking about fiscal issues -------

Let's take a look at newly elected, Tea Bagger backed, Pat Toomey and his response to something that conservative absolutely went nuts over recently.

Ah, there's that magic word again - "context". Could this be the moment where the Tea Baggers start to get nervous about their choices? Well, let's just ask their spokes model, Glenn Beck:

( skip ahead to the 5:03 mark for the bit that will likely have Toomey singing a new tune once he gets his Fox"News" talking points memo his first day at work )

Sounds like Beck isn't too keen on this idea. And we all know how the modern conservative movement looks at Beck as it's new messiah.

Have we just seen the first hiccup in the Tea Bagger "tidal wave"? I certainly do.

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