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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Facing Their Ultimate Ends

Here's an update from Middle Tennessee on a subject that David Neiwert has reported on for quite some time, and more in depth than just about anyone.

And while the Fox"Nation" group of conservative commenters are more interested in claiming that the SPLC is the real danger in America, it was the very first comment in regards to this video that typified what the "Patriot Movement" is all about:

I know alot of liberals, that are going to meet their maker, if this country falls apart, and that is coming quick. They've flapped their mouths, when they should have stayed quiet, now they've been exposed.

Many conservatives in America think that this is something new, a movement that blossomed due to the election of Barack Obama, but the reality is that these people have been around for quite some time. Anyone recall Timothy McVeigh? You know, the guy that Sean Hannity's fans think it's great to cheer.

Make no mistake, these are domestic terrorists - just don't expect conservatives to admit it. In all honestly, look for the entire modern conservative movement to ignore them, or even possibly embrace them.

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