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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Conservative Admissions

In which favored conservative blogger Ed Morrissey tells it like it is:

What do we call an election that surpasses 1994 and falls short of 1894 for Republicans? Probation. John Boehner struck the right chord in his victory speech last night in acknowledging that the GOP shouldn’t celebrate because of the bleak environment, but also because the GOP hasn’t yet earned trust after its spending and government-expanding binge from 2001-6. Voters recognized an unvarnished truth in the midterm elections last night, which is that while Republicans did a poor job in that period, Democrats turned out to be much, much worse.

You see that?

Republicans can't be fully trusted but............DEMOCRATS REALLY SUCK!!!!

Oh, and the commenters let him have it - which prompted this "update":

Some people believe I’m a little too dour on the House results, and they have a point; I didn’t really underscore enough what an enormous victory this was for Republicans. It’s the biggest one-cycle swing in the House for decades — and given the protection given incumbents these days through gerrymandering, I’m not sure that the GOP could have won more in one election anyway.

I'm not thinking that this is a question that shouldn't be asked, but are Republicans really comfortable with what happened last night?

Considering how most Tea Bagger candidates have approached their seats, my guess is that there just might be some distance management in the future from people like Morrisssey and most conservatives.

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