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Monday, November 15, 2010

What Mandate?

Here's a brief piece on the results of a Gallup Poll and what the what the "Tea Bagger Tidal Wave" really amounts to.

Though it became clear early on that the 2010 midterm elections would likely favor the GOP, it was unclear whether Americans would be giving Republicans a mandate if their party became the majority party in Congress. Gallup data from the late summer and early fall suggested that Americans were more likely voting to register their frustration with the Democrats than as an endorsement of the Republican Party. Now that the elections are over, Americans are no more positive toward the GOP than they were before, further suggesting the public is not necessarily embracing the Republican Party.

To break it down to a more simple formula, conservatives voted the way they did in order to continue their strategy of "no" rather than finding a way to fix the problems that plague this country. And now that it's "morning again in America", those same people seem to be having that tingle that many drunks feel the morning after a full on bender - oh shit, what did I do last night?

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