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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fiscal Foxes

Taxes, economics, and an alleged business anchor.

So what happened to all the investment that the top 1% earners in American did during the entirety of the Bush Tax Cuts? Where was it? What did it do?

I'll forgo the almost obvious bit about what the definition of "insanity" is, but if you kept walking the same way to school and a dog attacked you every time you went that same path, would you keep doing it?

That is essentially what Varney is advocating - a thesis that didn't pan out to start with and won't ever.

But more to the point, it seems that conservatives want more of what America has to offer but simply doesn't want to pay for it or even admit that it has to be paid for.

Deficit increases don't matter as long as you get your talking points out.

1 comment:

Troy Camplin said...

Maybe it was the increases in the military and social spending Bush did that created the deficit. If we look at another tax rate decrease -- Reagan's -- we see by the end of his term a revenue increase of 60%. It was his military and social spending that reduced the deficit. The best time for deficit spending was when we had a Republican Congress and Clinton as President. Spending actually decreased, and the economy improved. Hmmm. Spending cuts and then economic growth?

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