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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

But What Will They Do?

I voted around 930 this morning.

My polling place was a local Baptist Church - something I found rather odd - and I immediately noticed that there were more people there than the Presidential election. Taking a quick glance around the room, it was populated largely with white males who's median age was easily over 60. And upon returning to the parking lot, I started to count the Rand Paul bumper stickers. Needless to say there were a great deal of them.

I didn't get exit polled - I never have, actually - but I did decide to drive around town to check and see if the Tea Baggers were out on street corners shouting as cars passed by.

Not a soul.

Were they all posted up on couches having their premature victory talking points spoon fed to them by Fox? Were they at work talking about how great America will be since the Republicans are "taking their country back"? Who's to know.

But here's one thing I do know - the Republicans who do win tonight should really start to consider what they are going to do once they move into those cozy offices on Capital Hill.

I'm not so naive to think that there won't be a majority of Republicans in the House, but they won't control the Senate. Sadly, though, that's enough for them to be even more of the obstructionists than they already have been. And that is precisely what they are going to do. And they are already framing this as "it's all Obama's fault":

And if they are to create spending bills that "cut funding", what exactly will they cut?

Recently on The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell interviewed some "leaders" within the "leaderless" Tea Bagger movement about what they think should be cut and how "Socialism" plays into these decisions - a constant cry from Republicans. Turns out that they had some, shall I say, interesting views.

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As I watched this Sunday night, I realized that this is exactly how the candidates that the Tea Baggers vote for - the ones that actually win that is - are going to approach their legislative tasks, like a freshman fumbling at his first girlfriend's bra strap.

No clear goals. No battle plan. No forward movement.

And it's not just the Tea Bagger backed candidates that aren't taking their potential assignments as representatives of the people seriously. Their media masters are more in favor of pushing the narrative that Democrats and all other media outlets are going to completely lose it come Wednesday morning:

If anything, the next two years will be legislative gridlock - not that the last two years were as evenly paced as most would have liked. And we will surely see pointless investigations, attempts to repeal virtually every aspect of the Democrats agenda, and possibly articles of impeachment. But don't think for one moment that Republicans are going to work for America - it will be an all out push "against" Democrats.

Will conservatives wake up Wednesday and claim that their "freedom has been restored" - that their "liberties have returned"? I doubt that, even though the opposite is what happened the day after Obama was elected. My guess is that their will be a full blown push to blame Obama for everything that they will fail at.

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