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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beck's "Stuff" Sale

In which Glenn Beck thinks a country wide "yard sale" will better our lives.

Before anyone claims that that's not what Beck is advocating, just take a look at what people do on EBay, Craigslists, and local a regional print media every day - they sell "stuff" they don't need.

Yeah, really ground-breaking idea there Glenn.

Aside from that, I'd really like to know where he gets his dollar figure from, as I have had many yard sales over the past 5 years and I haven't made much more than $800. Who is really considering while he is putting forth this "action plan"? Certainly not the "average American" of whom he is allegedly speaking. And do you really expect people that do have all that extra "stuff" to sell it off? Neither do I.

What really bothered me about this whole half-baked idea, is that it's not only NOT based on encouraging people to do away with the waste in their lives and create some sort of minimalist paradise or even have a "safety net" of sorts when times get tough - this is all about Beck's next "special event". Moreover, framing the story around Katrina and those that didn't or were unable to leave doesn't shed a very pristine light on Beck. He might as well have started out by saying "Do you want to be just like those lazy black people"?

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