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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The New Narrative Takes Shape: UPDATED

By now was have likely all seen the video of the 3-year-old girl being patted down at a TSA screening check-point. It's rather difficult to watch, as the girl is clearly distressed and can be heard screaming "stop touching me".

I'm not so proud that I won't admit at least tacitly agreeing with Ed Morrissey that searches at airports have really gotten out of hand. Where he loses me is with this:

Minnesota Majority presents a montage of images and video from TSA inspections, along with a heavy dose of Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano, set to The Who’s “See Me, Feel Me” from their rock opera Tommy. This problem actually predates the Obama administration, but they’ve been in charge for almost two years and they seem to be reinforcing the problem rather than solving it.

That's right; with one breath conservatives talk about the willingness to sacrifice in the name of national security and the fight against terrorism, but when their ideals reach their logical ends, it's all about blaming Barack Obama.

Could Napolitano take steps to lesson restrictions and to prevent something like what happened to Steve Simon's daughter? Sure they could, but it would only lead to the recognizable screams from conservatives that the Obama administration isn't taking the threat of terrorism seriously. To be blunt, there is no middle ground with conservatives, only that there is a point in which their own wishes are carried out to such an extent that they won't claim responsibility for them any longer.


Michelle Malkin takes this issue into her sad, pathetic, and utterly predictable purse-lipped rage by essentially saying "It's all about illegal immigrants, non-whites, Arizona, and Obama appointees. All this while pointing out a photo featured by Drudge today was taken during Bush's tenure without holding him, his DHS director, or the head of the TSA then to the same scrutiny at all.

While it is ultimately sad and shows a lack of honest objectivism, what else did you expect from such an unchecked hack.

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