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Friday, May 1, 2009

Hannah Montana? Really?

( h/t to 2-Political-Junkies )

It's always a great way to end your week by claiming that you know more about the bible than somebody else. And, when your the fanatical, religious-right, you are always going to shriek the loudest and claim that you hold some sort of moral high-ground.

Although I find Miss California's ascention as the new Republican toy-of-the-moment quite telling of not only her opportunistic ways, but of the party that can't seem to have a coherent message. They loved Sarah Palin for her beauty-pageant, glittering generalities a answers, so why not Carrie Prejean?

The issue of gay rights and gay marriage is always going to be something that the Right rails againsts not just because they think they understand the bible more than everyone - though that is what they will tell you - but simply because of the "yuck" factor. In essence, their mentality is that of a gradeschool child who thinks that they'll get cooties if a boy or girl touches them. They speak of love, God, and faithfulness as if they know exactly what all those really mean.

Now that the religious-right has latched onto Ms. Prejean and gone after Perez Hilton, it couldn't get much more pathetic, could it?

Oh, you completely underestimate them. It seems that Miley "Hannah Montana" Cyrus has been "tweeting" with Perez Hilton. Oh, no!

I am a Christian and I love you - gay or not - because you are no different than anyone else! We are all God's children.

It appears that Ms. Miley doesn't seem to understand that not all "Christians" are as loving as her.

Such statements will send the wrong message to our children who are influenced by this teenage megastar. Parents need to realize that Cyrus is not the positive role model she was once thought to be.

Take Action

Send Miley Cyrus a letter stating that you do not approve of her comments.

Clearly she is confused and does not understand the Bible. Please pray for the Lord to open her eyes to the truth.

That's right, they're going after Hannah Montana. I'm guessing the Jonas Brothers' agents are arranging a new talking-points memo as we speak.

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