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Monday, May 25, 2009

Breitbart, Beck, and Basketball

You can generally tell when someone has gone off the deepend with their conspiratorial nonsense. Some people continue with the meme that the Bush administration orchestrated the attacks of Sept. 11th 2001. Some think that Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin were all set-ups as well.

Then there's Andrew Breitbart. He has managed to convince himself that Oprah Winfrey is controlling the Obama presidency.

And what better dithering nut-job to host one of his own than Glenn Beck.

That's right, Glenn Beck is concerned, perhaps disurbed or even "afraid", that the White House made a video of the UConn Women's Basketball team and their visit to the White House. Certainly, this is proof of a massive, libera-media cover-up of the highest order. It's a video post card!

Certainly, Beck is now willing to examine the "Barney Christmas Videos" that the Bush Administration made for years. Surely, there are secrets contained within them. Then again, Beck might go all "Son Of Sam" on us if he listened to Barney too much, if he hasn't already.

Beck idiocy not to be outdone, Andrew Breitbart's claim of the Oprah/Obama connection is beyond laughable. While this is a far cry from him saying "DEAR GOD, THERE'S A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITEHOUSE", its equally stupid and should be ridiculed.

More from Media Matters.

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