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Monday, May 18, 2009

Opportunistic Quote Of The Year (?)

Yes, I know. I'm dishing out the "of the year" items and it's not even June yet. But there's a WHOLE LOT of great rhetoric floating around that is just begging to be head and shoulders above everything else.

My favorite grandpa, Clem James Sheeran, was Catholic. Irish to the core, his favorite place (other than church) was Notre Dame. I can’t imagine what he would think as the university recognizes someone who contradicts the core values of the Catholic faith by promoting an anti-life agenda. As we learned today, our nation is more pro-life than ever before; it is a very important time to strengthen the message that every baby is created for good purpose and has the potential to make this world a better place.

Yeah, Sarah, like Notre Dame meant anything to you before they invited Obama. Are you sure that Grampy wasn't just jazzed-up over Notre Dame's football program and not their Catholic dogma?

Even though I, and many others, can see through Palin's paper-thin disguise of "caring, motherly, figure" into her uber-political soul, I'm not going to say that she isn't being honest that her "favorite Grandfather" was Catholic. I am, however, going to say that I don't buy that his second-favorite place was Notre Dame. I mean, how gulible does Palin think we are?

Well, there are some people who will believe anything.

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