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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Choice To Pay And Pay Again

Witness the awesomeness and majesty that is the Healthcare Plan proposal of the Republican party.

Here's the catch, the "choice" portion means that you get to pick your doctor. However, if you have employer health insurance rated at $18,000 worth of coverage per year, you would have to pay taxes on that plan as if the employer just gave you $18,000.

But fret not, you would get a "tax credit" of up to $5,700 to build your own healthcare plan. But don't expect that to meet your needs. Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) knows it won't be enough and he's the cheif backer of the "plan".

If a family doesn't have health care coverage, has no employer-based health care, they get a $5,700 refundable credit to go out and construct their health care. That probably won't meet the equivalent of an FEHBP ( Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan ) plan.

Who exactly does the GOP expect to buy into this nonsense? Even the people that can afford their own healthcare aren't going to accept a plan that makes you pay taxes on your coverage.


Dr. Zaius said...

You have given mea great idea for a post! When they make "enriched" white bread they take out 32 vitamins and minerals, and then add back 8. Now, if someone was take out 32 of your teeth, and then added back of them, would you feel like your mouth had been "enriched"?

aironlater said...

That would make sense. It's a plan devised by "enriched white guys" They had most of their originality taken out as teens and replaced by "8 prime-directives" by the College Republicans when they were 20.

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