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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Fancy Burger?

Didn't realize that a mustard that costs $2.89 for a 12oz bottle would cause Sean Hannity to trot out the "elitism" schtick.

More from Media Matters

Jason Linkins @ Huffington Post points out that Hannity is starting to slip in his ability to trash-talk. Ray's Hell Burgers, "You can order the patties simply grilled, with a chipotle-spiked 'diablo' marinade, blackened Cajun-style, or au poivre with a black-peppercorn crust." Fancy! And if Obama had really wanted to strut his elite tastes, he could have opted to add any number of artisanal cheeses, like Dutch mustard seed Gouda, Queen Anne Stilton, or a cave-aged Amish cheddar. See! If Hannity had done some research, he could have really unleashed an epic, idiot barrage over fancy foodstuffs.

This whole meme is just so outlandishly dumb, that it's a pretty clear signifier that the fringe-right really are running out of things to talk about.

But, since they started it up, let's take a look at some of the more "Hannity-minded" individuals on the Right.

Townhall blogger and Hot Air favorite Kevin McCullough wrote about his Labor Day feast that he "tried to keep simple"

So the Lovely Bride and my son both were required to work today (on Labor Day of all things) and even though I did a custom show for today - I wasn't AT the studios today.

So it fell to me to plan the Labor Day feast.

Tried to keep it simple:

Ribs, simple Barbecue sauce*...
Boneless Chicken Breasts also with BBQ sauce*...
Beer Soaked Brats... boiled in Guiness, no sauce needed...
Alaskan King Crab legs... original drawn better dipping sauce**...

* Half cup, simple organic barbecue sauce base, two tablespoons dijon mustard , two pinches of kosher salt, three-five grinds of peppercorns and four tablespoons of Chardonnay. Mix till texture evens and smooths.....

Sounds like a "fancy" meal, doesn't it, Sean?

Tony Blankley, in a poorly constructed screed about Biden and Obama takes time to mention that he likes Dijon mustard on his ham sandwich.

...the ham sandwich is not bland, particularly when you put a little Dijon mustard on it.

How much you want to bet that he likes the crust cut off the edges too?

Is this the best you can do guys? You're making it so easy for us.

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